A birth poster for badass mothers!

A baby on the way

The beginning of your adventure started 9 months ago. Maybe it happened by itself, maybe you needed help. Who knows, it might have been an accident. But your little darling was on his way and from that first moment on he was locked in your heart. A pregnancy test confirmed what you probably knew deep down. Your partner was promoted to a future hug. Sudden nausea that comes up at any time of the day. Your new dog’s nose, which smells everything within a radius of 10 kilometers. Your body that has difficulty adapting to the new situation. You are a badass! To get yourself through that first trimester of your pregnancy in one piece, was enough to earn that birth poster! 

A growing belly

Your surroundings have been informed: you are having a baby! Most women’s ailments give way to more energy. With other mothers-in-spe they stay around a bit longer. At the end of this period in your pregnancy, your baby will have grown by 30 cm and will have gained almost a kilo. That’s what YOU did, dear mama! Just you. Your body has nourished a growing new person and ensured that it has become a real fighter. A badass baby in the belly of his badass mama! You have managed to grow a real baby to the point of viability. If that doesn’t deserve a birth poster, what if it does?

Preparing for that new miracle height: you’re having a baby!

Your last trimester was a combination of rest, tension, curiosity and preparation. A new baby is a wonderful miracle, but also an immense responsibility! But you only did it. You made sure that you were ready for that new life and that your baby could be born in the warmest nest you had to offer. You went through those last weeks of insomnia, fat ankles, carrying many extra kilos, a bladder that got kicked, lungs that barely had room to breathe properly, a surplus of hormones that you just had to try to deal with. You let it come over you like a badass. That birth poster is more than a reward at the end of the day!

A new life in the world

And then there was that little one. Out of your warm belly in that cold world. But you kept it warm. Your love, your embraces, your warm milk… Your baby had the softest transition you could give him. Living outside the belly is a terrible adjustment, but you’ve got it. You gave your baby a nice start. Even if that start wasn’t what you hoped it would be, you got yourself through it like a fighter. As a badass mother you gave your child what it needed from the very first moment. You have more than earned that birth poster! 

A birth poster for badass mothers!

Dear Mom, you’ve managed to create life out of nowhere. You grew a whole baby in your belly. From a microscopic heap of cells to a completely new human being. You have made, carried and given life to your baby. You have earned your title of badass mother without any problems and a corresponding birth poster may remind you of that for life.